About Us

Who We Are...

Mid-america LogoThe Mid-America Organic Association (formerly Missouri Organic Association) is comprised of farmers, chefs, gardeners, health professionals, and people like you who want healthy food and a healthy planet. Our farmers are from all venues of production: certified organic farmers, non-certified farmers who practice organic production methods, sustainable farmers, and conventional farmers who are considering transitioning to organic. We strive to educate consumers about certified organic products, encourage and support our farmers to attain organic certification; and, acknowledge and applaud our USDA Organic Certified members. 

Our Goals

  • Advancing and promoting organic production methods
  • Developing and implementing organic education through training and an annual member conference
  • Disseminating organic informational materials at educational conferences and online
  • Supporting members in the organic certification process by networking with certifying agencies andconsultants
  • Providing marketing support and opportunities for member farmers, processors and retailers 

Our Staff

Executive Director - Sue Baird
Administrative Assistant - Meghan Dixon

Our Board of Directors

Chairman - Jim Thomas
President - Curtis Hostetler
Vice President - Dan Kuebler
Secretary - Donna Kennedy
Treasurer - Meghan Dixon
Derek Davis
Lyndsey Davos
Gary Littrell
Christine Chiu
Jim Gregg
Caleb Arthur

Mid-America Organic Association...inspiring, supporting, and empowering through ecological organic principles